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We offer 3 courses for pilots:

1) ICAO Aviation English Complete Course

We understand that obtaining a proficient level of English is essential for your career as a pilot. We meet pilots every week who have lost great opportunities because they did not have the English proficiency certificate. We have a team of teachers who are native speakers, pilots and ex-examiners who will give you the best possible preparation for this very important test. Trust our quality.

Duration: Our course is a very intensive 10/20/60 hour program. We try cover as much technical vocabulary, grammar, English for Pilotscomprehension and fluency as possible. All the teachers you will work with are native English speakers with an aviation background and teaching experience.

We understand that often your career depends on this test and so we always work in a focused, intense environment to ensure the best results for you.

Schedule: Our schedule is very flexible. We also worked as pilots, so we know that a pilot's schedule is not routine like in other professions. When you have your schedule, contact us to schedule the classes you want, it's that simple. If you need to cancel, simple contact us the day before to cancel the class.

Some of the topics we will study:

  • Landing / Take off
  • En route
  • Medical emergencies
  • Fire
  • Security problems
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Picture description
  • Basic Radiotelephony
  • General Background questions
  • Test Simulation
  • etc

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2) ICAO Aviation English Test Simulation

Di 10 Simulation Tests with our teacher who is an ex-examiner of the English Proficiency. Know your weakneses to know what you need ti improve before your tests. The English Language Proficiency Test is one of the most important tests for Plots. Don`t take a risk, be totally prepared for the test.

3) RadiotelephonyRadiotelephony
Perhaps you have not flown internationally before, or not for a long time. You do not feel confident about speaking English with English speaking controllers. Maybe you did an international flight and have difficulty understanding the English communication. We have designed a course to take you from start up to taxi to take off to landing and back to take off all in English communication. The course teaches and practices routine and non routine situations and emergencies.

The idea is that by the end of this course you will be able to communicate safely and effective in English while flying in other countries using the Radio.

Topics include:
  • Radiotelphony basics
  • Routine ground situations – start up, push back, taxi, take off
  • Non Routine situations
  • Emergencies


4) General EnglishEnglish for Helicopter pilots
Many pilots have already passed the proficiency test, but would like to maintain and improve their level of English. We have a general English course that does just that. This course is for pilots to improve their day to day English.

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